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Items from retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of new objects and materials for buildings and gardens. Items on this site can be made using new, recycled and reclaimed materials, in modern and historical styles, using hi-tech manufacturing through to old fashioned hand craft, made in far-flung countries or locally. There are also leftovers of new or never used items less than twenty years old from trade and private sellers.
Salvo prefers authentic replicas made in a traditional way using green or reclaimed materials and methods, local hand labour, minimal resources and energy, and fair trade principles.
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Solid English Oak Footwork Flooring Stained & Waxed
English Oak Footworn Wide Board Flooring can be deliverd to your premises from our stock for you to re-sell to walk in customers, or we can deliver direct to your customer for special orders.

This means you need never lose an order again. You can confidently let all contractors and any regular customers in your area know that you are able to offer this to them on a permanently available basis.

Our English Oak Footworn Wide Board Flooring is 240mm, 290mm and 340mm wide and 21mm thickness and quality is of a high standard.

Cost to you is just 93 per square metre plus vat plus delivery
You can sell at 175 per square metre or more giving you good margins

We also offer green, air dried and kiln dried English Oak beams and planks in character grade or joinery quality and we are happy to take your enquiry on these if they are of interest.

Please telephone us on 01763 208966
Contact : Garry Mills, Hertfordshire, UK. Tel: 01763 208966.
Price : £93 + vat square metre

Location : UK > Hertfordshire
Category : TIMBER
ID : 93481
User : 15154 ; Builder/Landscaper/Manufacturer ; (Registered SalvoWEB user for 2 years or more)
Date Created : 03 Feb 2016 14:38:08
Date Modified : 03 Feb 2016 14:40:47;

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