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Items from retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of new objects and materials for buildings and gardens. Items on this site can be made using new, recycled and reclaimed materials, in modern and historical styles, using hi-tech manufacturing through to old fashioned hand craft, made in far-flung countries or locally. There are also leftovers of new or never used items less than twenty years old from trade and private sellers.
Salvo prefers authentic replicas made in a traditional way using green or reclaimed materials and methods, local hand labour, minimal resources and energy, and fair trade principles.
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Call David on 01296 658 396
International Slate Supplies Ltd
Offering Bankrupt Stock Deal

"Over 560,000 Slate on Offer - in Stock"

Dear Reader,

We are all too familiar with the steep rise in Building and Roofing Materials. At this time, you will also be aware that the exchange rates have played a profound effect both directly and indirectly in respect of your estimating build cost.

We Have the Solution

We are pleased to offer in excess of 560,000 Roofing Slates of 500x 250 size. Furthermore, these are now all here in stock at Aylesbury. Samples are available on request and we can offer Slate and half's to complement these.

The deal is beyond inflation busting - The Euro rate is terrible and we are simply passing on the unique savings associated with acquiring the whole bankrupt stock. Everyone can share in this deal, save money on your projection or capitalise on the profit potential.

These beautiful slates at these rates will put you ahead of the competition, an enviable position for 2017.

Act Now - Deals - Delivery - Collect - View - Price ???
Crate - Full Load & Part Load Deals

Contact us today for further samples, further questions, service and sales.

Call David on 01296 658 396

Do Not Miss Out On These Rates
Contact : International Slate Supplies Ltd, Buckinghamshire, UK. Tel: 01296 658 396.
Price : deals

Location : UK > Buckinghamshire
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User : 46897 ; Antique/Reclamation/Salvage Trade ; (Salvo News subscriber)
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