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Items from retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of new objects and materials for buildings and gardens. Items on this site can be made using new, recycled and reclaimed materials, in modern and historical styles, using hi-tech manufacturing through to old fashioned hand craft, made in far-flung countries or locally. There are also leftovers of new or never used items less than twenty years old from trade and private sellers.
Salvo prefers authentic replicas made in a traditional way using green or reclaimed materials and methods, local hand labour, minimal resources and energy, and fair trade principles.
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To CONTACT AN ADVERTISER use the listed phone number or website. If none is shown you have to login or register to send a message to that advertiser.

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Payment for new replica and reproduction ads

Ad costs 2p (or 2c) per day
The cost of an ad on these pages is 2p (or cents in USA and Europe) per day. Payment is made via Paypal using a normal credit card, debit card or a Paypal account. A minimum of 5.00 must be paid into the user's account from which 2p is deducted. When the account gets low an email is sent to the user inviting them to top up their account. If this is not done the ad will cease to appear on SalvoWEB.

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